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Legal Disclaimer

CUTEURL.CO is not responsible and will not be held accountable for any content and/or links to material outside of the domain CUTEURL.CO. Users retain full liability and ownership of any shortened URLs, including each corresponding link in the Archive. We do not allow cutified links to be used for spamming, phishing or any purpose of ill-intent. Our service is not intended to hide the original URL from people – do not send someone a shortened URL if they would not have viewed the link in its original form. Please do not use CUTEURL.CO to link to your lovely online Viagra store, we reserve the right to remove any links that are obviously created by bots or redirect to this type of completely useless content.

CUTEURL.CO Privacy Policy

We do not collect any personally identifying information from users of CUTEURL.CO. We store only the information necessary to provide our URL shortening service (such as original long URLs), information necessary to identify and track abuse of our service (such as IP addresses) and aggregate information to compile statistics on how individual links are used (such as browser and country of residence).

We share information with 3rd parties where required to identify or track abuse or prevent future abuse (e.g. we may check submitted URLs against 3rd party blacklists and may share information on malicious URLs or abusive users with 3rd parties).

We use Google Analytics (see to collect and analyse site statistics. Google Analytics mainly uses first-party cookies to report on visitor interactions on this website. These cookies do not collect any personally identifiable information and are only used for the statistical collection of data such as visits and page hits.

URLs shortened by CUTEURL.CO are not private and should not be treated as such. Third parties could easily guess the short URL that you are using, so you should not use CUTEURL.CO to link to sensitive or secure data.

Anonymous statistics on shortened URLs you create (such as number of visits to them, creation date etc.) are not treated as private.